Weddings are a unique occasion, and you will likely have a lot of expectations. Perhaps you have been planning for many years, exactly how it should be. But like most things in this world, weddings are something that happens quickly and then it’s gone. All you have left is your spouse and the memories. Which hopefully are saved in the photos and video. Since the images are all that you can keep from your special moment, you want to make sure that you get the best images you can. Here are a few tips.

  • Hire a Pro: Everyone has camera’s these days, and we all can take a great picture from time to time. But there is no substitute for experience. There are lots of moving parts in a wedding, and a pro will know how to anticipate the moments and take advantage of them. An internet search will help you find a Central Coast wedding photographer. Every professional will have a portfolio and hard evidence of their skill level. Photographers also have unique styles, so shop around for one that has the right feel for what you have in mind.
  • Do Pre-Wedding Shots: Weddings are crazy busy, and it is very hard to do fine art when there are so many things in motion. It is an extra effort, but having wedding pictures of the couple, before the big day, will ensure that you will get some next level shots. You can choose exotic locations. Do wardrobe changes, and be as creative as you want, without 100 other people fighting for your attention. 
  • Make a Commitment to the Photographer: It is likely that of all the people at your wedding, the photographer has attended more weddings than any of them; probably one every Saturday for years and years. Put your trust in your photographer when they have suggestions and advice, even if it isn’t about the pictures. They have seen it all, and they can help you make the most of the day. 
  • Have Fun: A photographer’s worst nightmare is a stressed-out bride or groom. It is understandable that weddings are a lot of pressure. But all of it goes better if you decide beforehand that you are going to enjoy the experience no matter what goes wrong. Your photos will reflect your state of mind and coming through the experience with class is much better than being bridezilla.

One of the problems photographers face is that the couple often assumes the photographer is going to get what they want. But your photographer is not a mind reader, make sure your photographer is shown examples of what you are looking for. And the best advice is to treat them like a friend. It will work in your favour.