In your everyday life, you come across people who are obsessed with games. They either start to play a game on their phone while they are travelling for work or in a lunch break. People just can’t resist the temptation of opening up their favorite game and compete with the other competitors online. Microsoft has released a study stating that nearly 2 billion people are a part of this gaming community which is a huge number. And there is no way that this community is going down in any coming ten years. With the giants like Microsoft and Apple investing into this industry, several experimentations have been done. Some of them yielded great results. People now have the option to play VR and AR based games.

People are earning through the gaming industry smartly:

The one way to go and make money in this industry is to make games for these companies. This requires you to know programming along with some artistic skills, depending on which department you work in. The other way requires you to provide gamers some kind of a service. For example, companies like boosteria provide gamers an opportunity to let professional gamers play for them and increase up their strength.

Know how this whole gaming pipeline works:

There are 2 sides of this whole game making workflow. One is technical where people write codes day and night to make a game possible. While the other one is creative side, where artists come up and throw different ideas discussing what’s possible and what’s not. The workflow usually involves a lot. There are various departments in this field as well. Major gaming studios have a dedicated team for each and every task. These highly talented people getting accumulated at one place ensure that a game doesn’t lose its quality along the way.

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