No matter how quickly masses are switching to smartphones and smartwatches, there is something about the traditional watches that these cannot replace. The traditional wristwatches have stood the test of time because of their history, timelessness, uniqueness and because old is definitely gold!

However, sometimes the decision of which watch to buy can land you in a state of confusion. Here are some of the simple questions that you need to ask yourself before buying a watch.

Questions to ask

  • What is the budget? These days watches can come in a whole lot range. Buying a watch would become easier if you already decide on your budget.
  • What kind of a strap do I want? This is something that people usually undermine while buying a watch. However, it is the strap that can cause you discomfort. Straps made of leather are usually considered more comfortable. You can also see straps made of rubber or fabric.
  • What design do I want? Analogue watch or a digital one. In fact, these days there are many designs for analogue watches. Also, remember to carefully choose the size that suits your wrist.

So accordingly you can look for the brands like Michael Kors. If you look at Michael Kors watches, they are made keeping all such points in mind. They come in all sizes, all range, all designs.

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