The Indian cricket team has never been considered to be among the best in the world because of how poorly they field the ball. Despite this, they have always been held in high regard for their abilities with the bat and spin bowling.

According to Indian team latest news , there were no Jonty Rhodes or Ricky Ponting in the annals of India’s cricket history; yet, the country did create some excellent fielders who were able to surprise their opponents.

  • Ajay Jadeja –

Ajay Jadeja was one of the top fielders for the Indian team and came from a long line of famous cricket players. His ancestors were the Jadejas. Even though the penalty he received for match-fixing has cast a cloud over his cricketing career, he is still considered to be one of India’s top fielders.

  • Mohammed Azharuddin –

One of the rare players who excelled in both slips and covers, the former Indian captain was one of the few players to do so. He possessed a great backflip throw, excellent anticipation, and soft hands, all of which enabled him to catch the ultimate sixes, making Azharuddin a brilliant cricket player. Even though the match-fixing controversy cut his career short, he is still recognized as one of the most reliable slip-catchers in the history of the sport.

  •  Robin Singh –

This Indian cricketer was born in Trinidad, and after a long and arduous battle on the local circuit, he was selected to play for India in one-day internationals.

This hardworking utility player possessed a powerful and precise throwing arm from the outfield and pursued the ball with an incredible amount of vigor and intensity. He built a friendship with Ajay Jadeja, which ultimately improved India’s fielding, and he did it along with Jadeja.

  •  Ravindra Jadeja –

The current iteration of Jadeja has garnered a lot of criticism for his unimpressive batting and bowling performance in recent years. However, his fielding is flawless, and it will never be a point of weakness for him. This little boy can travel a lot of ground in a short amount of time, and because Yuvraj Singh isn’t around, he’s been given duty for the backward point.

  • Virat Kohli –

This individual is flawless in every conceivable respect. Kohli belongs to a new generation of players who are appreciated on the field regardless of their ability to bat, and he is one of those men. Kohli is a member of this new generation of players. He has an arm like a rocket, and his aggressive chase of the ball often catches the batters by surprise, which enables him to get out of jams and avoid getting into trouble. This Delhi-born dynamo is, without a shadow of a question, one of the most talented infielders and outfielders that India has ever produced.

  • Nawab Pataudi –

There is no doubt that the Late Nawab Pataudi Jr. was the very first person to emphasize the necessity of fielding Indians. He did this back in the day. Despite the fact that he was born with just one eye, Tiger became renowned as the “one-eyed wonder” due to the incredible fielding abilities he displayed during his career. Tiger maintained the standard degree of precision throughout the whole of the actions that took place in the concealed zone.

  • Yuvraj Singh –

One of India’s most dexterous fielders, he is well known for playing the position known as “Jonty Corner,” which is also his preferred position. The tall left-handed fielder is a master at making acrobatic catches and has a keen eye for running out runners. After a succession of recent injuries and fears about cancer pulled him out of play, the whole world of cricket is waiting with bated breath for him to make his way back to the forward point. He has been sidelined because of both of these factors.

  • Mohammed Kaif –

The member of the team who is the most nimble and who maintains the healthiest weight. During the time when Sourav Ganguly was India’s coach, Md. Kaif and Yuvraj Singh made significant changes to the team’s playing style. This batter is a fan favorite in large part due to the fluidity with which he travels about the field. In addition to that, he had a motion of throwing that was very precise. Even though he is not a very good hitter, he owns the record for the most catches made in a World Cup game with five. This is despite the fact that he holds the record.

  • Suresh Raina –

The development of Suresh Raina, who was widely regarded as one of the best fielders of his day, is perhaps Greg Chappell’s most significant contribution to Indian cricket. Suresh Raina was one of the greatest fielders of his day. The Indians’ defensive system is mostly built on this left-handed hitter as its key pillar. As a result of his very lightning-fast reflexes and excellent fielding vision, he is often regarded as India’s best fielder and as a renowned international talent. This is the case for both of these accolades. Not only is he capable of making incredible catches, but he can also easily crush wickets. This is one of his many impressive skills. They form one of India’s most lethal attacking combinations, along with Kohli and Jadeja, when all three players are on the field together.

  •  Eknath Solkar –

Without a shadow of a doubt, India’s most accomplished fielder in the annals of the sport’s history. Eknath Solkar was the first player in India’s history to win a match solely due to his fielding skills. He went away in 2004, but he was the first player to accomplish this feat. The fantastic pouches that he constructed during India’s first win in England, which took place in 1971 versus England at The Oval, were a vital factor in that victory. He made these pouches when India played England for the first time. He has the greatest catch-to-match ratio of any non-wicketkeeper with 20 or more Tests, having taken 53 catches in just 27 matches over the course of his career. Despite the fact that he has only participated in 27 matches, this is the case.

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