Brand owners are always searching for new methods to improve their products, including the packaging they use. Thanks to technological advancements, digital foils are emerging as a formidable alternative to old packaging.

Why Are Custom Foil Labels A Good Idea?

Aesthetics, visibility, brand recognition, and durability are just a few advantages custom foil labels provide. Businesses that want to stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of potential clients sometimes choose foil as a labelling choice because of these qualities.

Attractiveness And Greater Exposure

The apparent eye-catching quality of custom foil labels is a significant perk. The shiny metallic sheen and eye-catching hues draw buyers in and enhance the visual appeal of the products and packaging. Adding new techniques like spot foil effects to foil labels makes them more eye-catching and engaging, increasing their visibility and engagement.

Raised Awareness Of The Brand

If you include personalised foil labels in a company’s branding strategy, brand recognition will significantly increase. Sticking a high-quality paper sticker with an eye-catching foil pattern on a product helps consumers remember the brand and link it with high-end products. Companies can strengthen their reputation and get a more vital place in the market by using foil in their branding and marketing campaigns.

Adaptable To Specific Needs

The final result is that you can customise the same way as with any other printing technique. If gold isn’t the right fit for your brand or message, various additional colours are available for your foil prints. Rose gold lends an industrial feel to the print, whereas silver is more popular with some luxury labels.


With judicious use of foil printing, you may make a striking focus point that calls attention to the page’s most crucial elements. On the other hand, you can use it to make a grand design that makes the entire thing look more expensive and elegant.

In any case, the brochure, flyer, or invitation is of excellent quality, so the reader knows it’s worth their while.

Longevity And Resistance

Another perk is the increased longevity of personalised digital foils over their paper counterparts. You can make a surface more resistant to things like sunlight, abrasion, and moisture by combining metallic foil with kraft paper stickers or flexible white pearlescent film. This extra toughness guarantees the label will last long without fading or cracking and keeps it looking great.

Steps Towards Digital Printing

A seasoned printer will explain all the different printing choices. They may provide you with guidance regarding the following:

Keep expectations in check: While they may suggest digital printing as a good fit for your brand, they will not pressure your business to use or forego more conventional methods.

Make the process easier: Your printer should lay out a detailed strategy, explaining which old procedures are obsolete and how automation will work with the manual processes still needed to eliminate bottlenecks.

Analyse every aspect of the cost. When deciding between an offset printer and a digital printer, consider the total cost of the printing process on both platforms.

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